An evening ‘al fresco’ – sitting around the BBQ area

Summer – Mark and Carol

Carol and Mark came from Scotland to spend a couple of weeks in the Algarve. We’re expecting them again this summer!

Aahh! The good Portuguese wine …

From our Guest Book:

How can we thank you enough! We have enjoyed such a wonderful holiday here. You have made us so welcome and comfortable, you have fed us with delicious food and watered us with delicious wine! It has been the most relaxing holiday ever!


2009 SPRING – Niki and Joel

After traveling throughout Europe, Joel and Niki took a much deserve breath of air in our neck of the woods.

Their words:

Thanks so much for the luxury accommodations! Niki and I had a great time and it was nice to have a break from city-hopping in Spain. It has been a pleasure to meet you all. Thanks so much for everything; great food, great accommodations, conversation, etc.

Joel &Niki

P.S. Upon our return to U.S.A. we will enforce a more relaxed lunch hour!

2010 Winter – Mieke van Mulders

Mieke came from Belgium to spend a couple of months in what was supposed to have been a sunny, warm Algarve … and turned out to be quite rainy! But she loved her everyday walks down to the beach and to be able to walk to town and explore the shops and sights. We’re expecting Mieke back this Fall!

From our Guest Book:

It was a great pleasure to get to know you and I think you are the most wonderful hosts.

Thank you so much for making me feel so welcome and making the studio feel like ‘home’. I enjoyed every minute of my stay, thanks to your advice, delicious food (Isabel!), walks and lots more.

Have a great summer and I hope to see you again next winter. I will definitely miss you! March 2010


2010 FALL – Mirja and Kallu Korinto

From Poorvo, Finland, arrived Kallu and Mirja, to spend a month before their more rigorous winter in their homeland. Even in October, they enjoyed daily swims in our pool!

While here, they met some more guests who stayed next door, in our apartment (Roger and Heidi Nelson). They soon found out they were among musicians – and listened to the music we all played together (piano, violin, flute)!

From our guest book:

We had a good October in Portimão. Thank you for your kindness.

Mirja and Kallu Korinto


Christmas email:

We wish you both a merry Christmas and a happy new year.
As you can see , we have lots of snow and cold also. The pictures are taken in our garden in December.Today is the shortest day of the year, but  soon the days are going to be longer again. Have a nice Christmas time
Mirja and Kallu

2010 Fall – John and Susan Robertson

We had beautiful summer days … it even got too hot for John and Susan! Directly from Alyth, Blairgowrie, Perthshire, Scotland, and coming to this area for the past few years, they don’t remember a November like this. They got the best sunny weather – even too hot for them, as they started to look for shade to have their al fresco meals. The sunsets at the beach, during low tide were gorgeous!

They traveled lightly (only with their carry-ons!) and explored the surroundings using the Municipal Bus system, our friendly little buses which stop right at the entrance of the estate.

From our guest book:

Many thanks for a fantastic week!

To both for escorting us to the concert – great night!

Many thanks again and hope to see you again.

John and Susan     6/11/10


2010 FALL – Roger and Heidi

All the way from Seattle, Washington, in the USA! We were their last stop after some weeks of traveling around Europe.Well, they stayed in our apartment, right next door to our studio … lots of space!


2010 FALL – Werner and Inge

Werner and Inge arrived one day later than expected because of their airline over booking their flight (hence ‘Cheap flights’ and ‘Safety’ below!)

Coming all the way from St. Albans, London, they sure deserved a good break after their stunt dealing with airports, queues and an extra night in London at an assigned hotel. Werner, an enthusiastic cyclist, took to bike all the way to the top of Monchique mountain (Fóia) the very next morning after their arrival! And he was back by 10,30 am!

The weather cooperated – we had cooler mornings (just right for early morning bike rides!) but really warm mid-days.

They spent the time relaxing and even took a boat trip along the coast with a stop at a deserted beach !

His business The Cloud Network Limited is not only in the London area but also in Munich and Stockholm and expanding to cover all northern European countries!

His contact:    werner.otto@thecloud.net

From our guest book:

We have had a lovely time here in your studio, albeit short!

It is very comfortable and homely. Thank you very much for the warm welcome and your generous hospitality!

We took your advice on various things and made trips to Silves, Monchique and the lovely restaurant Kibom in central Portimão and not once were we disappointed.

We really have had a lovely time! We also enjoyed Zorra’s company a lot!

P.S. A trip on the Santa Barbara is a must!!!

Warmest regards,               Werner & Inge


2010 – FALL – Derek and Lynda
From the Isle of Man, with just two very small suitcases, came Derek and Lynda. Eager to get to know the rest of the area, they explored the West coast and the hills of Monchique, going as far as S. Bartolomeu de Messines! At the same time, they managed their holiday time well enough to get plenty of time lounging in the sunshine, enjoying the pool and relaxing. They took back gorgeous tans!

They were kind observers of the life developing around them in the villa and neighborhood. They were even during the filming of Abigail and http://abigailfilm.wordpress.com, which brought more liveliness to the place since we housed the production manager, producer’s assistant and a runner!

Derek and Lynda seemed to enjoy everything, taking in sunshine and ambiance, from the quiet morning breakfasts under the grapevine pergola, listening to the birds (mostly from our neighbor’s aviary!) to following the sun around the pool undisturbed, re-arranging the sun beds and taking restful naps!

From our guest book:

We have had an excellent time!

Loved the place and all the treats (not forgetting Zorra). Hope to visit again.

Thanks for your kindness and hospitality.

Lynda and Derek                  24 Sept 2010



2010 SUMMER – Mariusz and Izabela

From Manchester, came another young couple, really enjoying each others’ company, very upbeat and optimistic, celebrating their 2nd wedding anniversary and looking to soak up the sunshine!

They spend time exploring the coastal cliffs, the town – going to the Flea Market (Car boot sale), walk along the river front and downtown – and still taking time to enjoy sunbathing around the pool.

It was wonderful to see how much they enjoyed the place, taking lots of pictures of the garden and pool area and befriending the dog! As they said it, they needed to re-charge batteries to go back to work!

From our guest book:

Thank you very much for a lovely stay. We did chill out perfectly.

Thank you for your hospitality and delicious treats! We will never forget these beautiful beaches and swimming in your lovely swimming pool.

We hope to visit Portugal again. Feel welcome to visit us in the UK/Manchester.

Lots of Love, Best regards,             Izabela & Mariusz


2010 SUMMER – Paul and Izabela

A really fun, true new-age couple! They each had a laptop which they consulted often to get information about sightseeing or how to cook sardines. Yes, we learned a new recipe for grilling marinated sardines and then drench them in olive oil and garlic – delicious!

We’ll always remember the lively conversations, and a famous crab dinner!

They were able to get to know a bit about the country (from top to bottom!) and make time to relax and enjoy the coastal beauty around here, good food and excellent weather. They took back to Brussels and Krakow a nice tan!

From our guest book:

It was a lovely time for us! Thank you for the interesting conversations over beautiful dishes and wines! and hospitality!  Izabela & Paul


2010 – SUMMER – Phil and Maureen

It is a pleasure to see people enjoy the surroundings and soak in the sunshine – that was again the case with Phil and Maureen who enjoyed the garden, worked on their tan and re-charged  their batteries. They took back to Scotland an impressive bronze!

From our Guest Book:

Maureen and I came here hoping for a peaceful, relaxing holiday.

Thanks to your lovely studio flat, beautiful pool and gardens, we were able to totally chill out. Your consideration and hospitality were greatly appreciated and Isabel, your delightful surprise treats were lovely.

All the best             Phil and Maureen


2010 – SUMMER – Michael and Emma

From Liverpool came Michael and Emma, ready for a relaxing vacation by the pool – they brought along numerous pool floating devices, ball, etc. Our salt water pool, however, is awaiting a filter repair and was some inches lower than normal 😦 … but that didn’t seem to affect their enthusiasm. They were offered figs from our fig trees and if they had stayed a few days more, they would have tasted our grapes!

The weather has been HOT (mid 30’s reaching 40ºC!), so it was good Michael and Emma just wanted to soak in the sunshine and relax by the pool.

They got to meet our oldest son, who happened to be here enjoying a vacation from University (along with a room mate and two girl friends!) and who helped them with the pronunciation of our address for Taxi purposes.

From our Guest Book:

Thank you very much for a wonderful week in your studio. We had a lovely time and really appreciated your hospitality and beautiful surroundings.

Hope to come back soon!

Michael & Emma


2010 Summer – Josie and Brendan McNulty

From Ayrshire, Scotland, came Brendan and Josie, for a total “chillax” (chill & relax – that was a new word for us!). They really enjoyed their time spent together, taking good naps by the pool, reading and soaking in the sunshine. They watched our grapevine pergola go up and tasted the home made wine of our ironworks man (sure were brave!).

From our Guest Book:

We have had the best 2 weeks ever since first coming to Portugal 7 years ago. The apartment, facilities and hospitality were “top notch” and the little extras unexpected but gratefully received. We’ve been able to completely “chillax” and enjoy our beautiful surrounds, accompanied by fabulous weather. Thank you again for everything and we hope to see you again next year.

Love and best wishes,              Brendan and Josie


2010 SPRING – David and Gill


2010 – SPRING – Sam and Clara
From our Guest Book:

Had a wonderful week, thank you for the hospitality and allowing us to use your pool (which is lovely)! We enjoyed entertaining Zorra and relaxing outside with the gorgeous weather. Best wishes,                  Sam and Clara


2010 – SPRING – James and Charlotte

What a pleasure to have met these two young people! They were very relaxed and enjoyed the laid back atmosphere and sunny beaches. Charlotte is an illustrator and has just finished a children’s book (we must get some copies of it!).

James is a photography artist … and definitely loves dogs!  He also showed keen interest for the local flora … we really need to get more informed about the wonderful herbs and plants in these coastal cliffs! They enjoyed the pool area and the long walk along the cliff to Alvor, with all its unexpected sites! They had perfect weather. Charlotte enjoys reading and we shared good reads. We wish them the best in their future careers and endeavors and  would love to see them again!


2010 – SPRING – Jamie and Lucy

From the UK’s Middlands, Jamie and Lucy arrived by train (after landing in Faro airport that morning) on a most glorious sunny afternoon – and had really good beach weather for the entire time.They both took advantage of it going to the beach every waken hour of their week here! They took back a great tan. A young, enthusiastic couple – a pleasure to have them over!

From our Guest Book:

We have enjoyed ourselves for this week. It has gone so fast, but it was the perfect little getaway. Seems like we got the right week weather wise. Thank you for being so kind and friendly. We have really enjoyed ourselves and felt welcome. Would love to come again,

Lots of love, Lucy and Jamie

P.S. The muffins were lovely!


2010 – SPRING – Dave and Win

From Yorkshire we had the pleasure to host Dave and Win, who had a week of sunshine and glorious spring weather.

From our Guest Book (excerpt):

Thank you so much for a wonderful holiday, for the hospitality!

The studio was very homely. We even figured out the bus routes! We are both going on a strict diet when we get home! Love to you all, Win and Dave


2010 – SPRING – Gustavo Vivacqua and Ana Machado

What a truly amazing couple! They are traveling around the world with their dog, Tapa, a sweet – and huge! – black Labrador. Check their site – a daily update of their trip with their location (GPS track). This last week they went to the north of Portugal, Porto, by way of Óbidos, Batalha, Fátima. Wow!



…. Gustavo and Ana left, heading towards Roterdam, for a trip around Europe, full of plans and enthusiasm.

They left us with a renewed interest in traveling more and enjoying the world out there (… especially with the heat wave we’ve been having lately!). They told us how Caldo Verde is very much appreciated in Brazil and taught us how to roast onions in our BBQ, along with everything else (delicious!) … We’ve also acquired a new taste for Panaché (Brazilian Shandy?) which you can buy at the Supermarket!

Their words (in Portuguese), left in our guest book:

Este mês ficamos aqui no agradável ‘Studio’ – foi fundamental para recuperarmos energias para seguirmos desbravando o mundo!!

Agradecemos muitíssimo a hospitalidade e os “quitutes” à nós oferecidos!! Quando forem ao Brasil não deixem de nos procurar! Agradecemos também a paciência e carinho com o nosso “pequeno Tapa”! Com carinho,                      Ana, Gustavo e Tapa

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