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Feb. 2011: 37th Tour of the Algarve

Official site:

With the final stretch ending in Portimão, we had to go see the grand event! Check some of the news … and plan on being here next February!

We were there taking pics!

Check some regional news snippets:

37th Tour of the Algarve – A HOT day in Feb.2011

“Counter at the start of the 37th Tour of Algarve –     16 FEB 11 at 07:42
For the first phase, between Albufeira and the Algarve Stadium (157.5 km), are registered 168 elements of 29 nationalities, with an overwhelming majority of Portuguese (31), Belgium (22) and Spanish (18), divided by 21 teams – being 12 top of  international. After the symbolic start, scheduled for 10:50, the squad of “stars” will face a first meta-wheel (65.8 km), a premium mountain third category (92.6 km), followed by new Intermediate sprint (104.9 km) and over a “mountain” of the third (127.4 km), before the arrival in the Municipality of Albufeira, scheduled for 14:30.”
“From 16 to 20 February 2011, the Algarve will experience the thrills of the best cycling world.
The 37th Tour of the Algarve will bring together more than 160 athletes from 20 teams (four are Portuguese).
Animations, sports, entertainment and live performances complete the official program.
The 37th Tour of the Algarve entered in the UCI calendar – Europe Tour and a partnership between the Cycling Association of the Algarve, Portuguese Cycling Federation, the European Union of Cycling (UCI) and the companies and SC SPORTS SUN RM.
1. STAGE – February 16: Estádio Algarve – Albufeira (157.5 km) – 11H00 – 14H45
2. STAGE – February 17: Lagoa – Lagos (186.5 km) – 11H00 – 15H26
3. STAGE – February 18: Tavira – Malhão (179.2 km) – 11.00 – 15.16
4. STAGE – February 19: Albufeira – Tavira (167.3 km) – 11H00 – 14H59
5. STAGE – February 20: Lagoa – Lagos (17.2 km) – 12.00-12.22pm (CRI)”
“Bullet-timing gives Tony Martin the Crono General and Algarve Cup
The German Tony Martin (HTC-Highroad) today won the fifth and final stage of the 37th Tour of the Algarve and won, also, this 37th edition of the Tour of the Algarve. The German managed to meet all expectations and finished the time trial of 17.2 km with a time of 20m53 cannon, beating Lieuwe Westra (Vacansoleil) by five seconds. Tony Martin was one of the main challenges for the final victory, after the excellent display in the High Malhão, which gave him third place overall. For more check:

37th Tour of the Algarve

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MARCH 2011:

“The roads in the Algarve were yesterday, 20/03/2011, scene of a most excellent tour of Cycling. Organized by CC Portimão, the tour Lagoa-Portimão was attended by numerous teams – Tavira, Torrado Bikes, Trepadores da Figueira, Alisios Hotel, Boavista and Sporting CC of Portimão and Sporting of Portimão were some of the teams, together with countless individuals who formed the squad and gave a special color to the last Sunday in winter… but with the weather already ‘tasting’ like summer.
The platoon started at 09H30 from Lagoa towards Carvoeiro, Ferragudo and then heading to Parchal where it stopped for ‘refueling’. The participants then went to Portimão by Cardosas then, following the N125 climbing up to Figueira, then Mexilhoeira Grande, then returning to the EN125 towards Montes de Alvor, Alvor, Praia da Rocha, where there was a short stop, and then followed, until the entire caravan went along Portimão riverside area where this magnificent tour of about 60km ended.
After the cleaning up, everybody had a splendid lunch in the Sports Club of Pedra Mourinha.”

Jasmin in our garden


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