2013 Winter – Randi and Michael

DSC05882A wind swept day at SagresWhat a nice surprise visit from Randi Sulkin and Michael Bucove, long time friends from Ketchikan, Alaska.  Whenever we have our friends from Alaska here, it’s like “old time week.”  Randi and I played some flute duets and spent hours talking about everything under the sun.  They were very much taken with the Algarve and claim that they will return in the not too distant future.

Guest Book Comments:  Wow! Wild, windblown KRBD hats and chickens with overcoats?  Stories of Ketchikan characters and almond cookies with no almonds. The food! The wine! The laughter! Long walks and treasured talks, yoga in Portuguese, and then the cheese, cheese, cheese,! Thank you, dear friends, for introducing us to your Portugal and proving once again that the magical web of the Alaskan diaspora lives on. — Smile & hugs – Randi

Randi and I have been many places that we’ve liked and loved.  Here is one of the loved ones.  How pleasant here is, I’m sure you know by now.  I’ve barely begun my retirement — I could retire here.  I’m thinking about it…not that it is difficult to do.   But like Ketchikan, it feels like home here, much because of the people and music.  Michael Bucove.

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