2014 Winter – Kurt and Marlene

DSC07891Feb. 2014  

Our very good friends, Kurt and Marlene Kuehl stopped by on their way home from their exciting trip to South Africa-  They’ll make it back to Ketchikan eventually, via California were Kurt is going to try out his new golf swing that he perfected while in Portugal.  And Marlene will be off to Anchorage to dog sit for Kristen and David before finally returning to K-Town.

We had the best time together; as always, it’s just so great being with our dearest friends from times way beyond our recent memory.

Kurt tried out the Archery range that is just down the road and shot several wild animals (3-D target types).  He said it was fun, but I’m sure he’d must rather have been up on some mountain shooting the real thing.

Kurt sighting in on target

Kurt sighting in on the target

From Our Guest Book:

Greg  and Isabel,  As we expected, we thoroughly enjoyed our stay in your lovely home, the beach walks, dining in and out. and exploring the area.  Most of all, we treasure reconnecting our friendship and sharing stories from the past and our plans for the future.  We hope to see you again, soon! and wish you good health in the coming year.  Your friends, love Marlene & Kurt 

And thanks for the golf lessons and all the special Portuguese wines and liquors  AND the time spent at the archery range.  Hope to return some favors in Bend this fall.  Your Friend, Kurt,


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2 responses to “2014 Winter – Kurt and Marlene

  1. Barbara & Wayne

    So envious of Kurt and Marlene, being there with you! Someday we hope to return. Miss you two here in Ketchikan! Hugs, B & W

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