2014 Spring – Carol Dibnah


March 2014

We very much enjoy visits from our dear friends and Carol being here is like old times, with plenty to talk and laugh about.  Lucky for us she has the energy to spent time with us while doing all the tasks that she had lined up for herself; sorting out car documents, locating seat belts (an adventure in itself), doubling up on yoga classes, meeting up with a great number of her Algarvian friends.

We did miss the rest of the Dibnah clan, but at least felt a connection with them, too.

From our guest book:

March 27th 2014

Dear Greg and Isabel!

Staying here is like coming home to a warm, caring family! I have enjoyed myself so much, the scent of the orange blossoms, the taste of the chicken piri-piri, the sound of the music, the comfort of the bed and the clear blue skies have made my trip a delight for the senses! (not to mention the clatter of the scrapyard!)

Thank you so much for taking me to yoga Isabel, I really, really enjoyed those classes. It feels as if I have never been away. Scotland is always awaiting your visit with open arms and a warm log fire!

All my love,




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