2014 September – Oleg and Nina

DSC09754September 2014

Oleg and Nina come from Voronezh, Russia and before arriving to Villa do Vale, they spent a week touring Lisbon.  Since they managed to see and visit nearly every important place in the city, they were very happy to relax by the pool, read their books and take the rest of their Portugal visit at an easy, calm pace.   Each day they walked to the beach, swam in the ocean and walked along the shore and cliffs. They also visited Lagos area.  We were the lucky ones when Nina offered to treat us to her very delicious crepes filled with fruit and jams.  Thank you so much, Nina.

Nina has retired from her teaching life.  She taught English in a Language Institute and Oleg teaches physics at the University in Voronezh.

From Our Guest Book:

Dear Greg and Isabel,

This week in your Villa was full of sun, quietness, beauty and complete relaxation. 

However, far more charming was the atmosphere of love and desire to make us feel homy and happy.  We appreciate it!  It is a rare gift

Thank you very much.  We love you.

Nina and Oleg 

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