Since 2011 – Jim and Val

Jim & Val


2014 – Spring and Summer

Coming two times this year makes it 6 times that Jim and Val have stayed at Villa do Vale.  Guess they like it.  Their summer visit was in honor of Val’s birthday.  It was good weather, as usual and they caught up on sunning and the use of the pool.



2013 – September

What a pleasure to see this easy-going couple – we enjoyed ‘catching up’ and just chit-chat about life in general. This time they split their time here between the studio and apartment – getting the most out of Villa do Vale accommodations! See you soon!


2012 – Fall

Jim and Val can’t get enough of this sunny weather.  And it was surely warm and bright this time around.  They were joined by their friend, John and the three of them discovered a new restaurant, “Marafados” in Alvor.

Jim’s 50th is coming up this next Feb.

From our Guest Book:

Greg & Isabel

Thanks again for a fab holiday as usual.  What great weather we had too.  Back to the wind and rain (Oh No…).


2012 – Spring

Jim and Val were back for a week’s stay and this time Val’s mother, Sheila joined them.  The weather was a bit of this and that, but all in all, the sun prevailed.   Jim played a round of golf with good results, while Val and Sheila did their best to get in some shopping.

From our Guest Book: 

Greg & Isabel,

Thank you some much for another relaxing holiday, you are both so kind and generous.  Jim enjoyed the golf…Sheila and I just chilled out.  The weather turned out fab in the end, so going home a little browner.   See you soon.  Val, Jim and Sheila xxx

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