Kallu and Mirja

DSC07278 - Copy

2014, October

Another visit from Mirja and Kallu, their fourth and hopefully, still counting.  They continue to enjoy daily walks to the beach, swimming in the ocean and strolling along the coast line.  Mirja works with fabric and clay to make necklesses and other works of art.  IMG_0132

Since their last visit, we have had the pleasure of visiting Mirja and Kulla in their lovely home in Poorvo, Finland.

From Our Guest Book:

DSC001072013, October

We were glad to see the cheerful faces of Kallu and Mirja again – they are like family now – Joey (the cat) and Zorra (the dog) happy to see them also.

They make good use of our pool, going for a swim early in the morning – great October exercise! – and sunbathing whilst reading their books. They already know the area and like to explore the local markets, fairs, etc. very comfortable with the local transportation 😉


Rainy day pancakes, with Bob and Suzy Hay


DSC036752012 Spring

in our patio – Kalu & Mirja

Another stay of weeks of good time and rest for Mirja and Kallu – this time in our apartment. They are still enjoying a good swim in our pool, first thing in the morning!


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