Mieke van Mulders

Mieke in the garden

Mieke in the garden

2014 Fall

It was so good to see Mieke again, although a much shorter stay than usual.  She has a new life with Gil on their farm in central France.  Mieke was here for only one week and it rained a good part of the time, but we managed to catch up on all the news.  She is so excited about life and living with such a positive attitude that it is infectious.  We feel like family and during her time we visited with all her friends here in the Algarve and enjoyed lots of laughs and cheer.

We can hardly wait for her next visit because she promises that Gil will be coming with her.

From Our Guest Book:

Dear Friends,

Thank you so much for making me feel so welcome every time I visit.

Villa do Vale really has become “home” and you both feel “like family” now to me.  I enjoyed my stay tremendously although the weather was no so good.

I have come a long way since we first met and this is thanks to you two.  Cheering me up when I was down and so much more.  I promise to be back with my new wonderful man, Gil. 

Lots of Love to you 2 from,


2013 Spring

Another very pleasant visit from Mieke from March to May.  Mieke is a good friend and we have so much enjoyed her time with us.  She had an unfortunate accident and was with a sprained ankle for a period of time, but all in all she managed to get about and enjoy the nice weather.  We do thank her for being so kind to our pets.DSC06174

From Our Guest Book:

Dear Friends, 

This is the 3rd time I am here and each year the studio feels more like “home.”  This year was a bit different though.  I’d rather be here than anywhere else when I am sick or need help!  Where else would I get so much support, not to forget the Portuguese “soups,” especially your homemade one, and “sweets to cheer me up,” as in Villa do Vale!!  It’s a privilege to know you and to be your friend (Belgian!)  I am really grateful for your help and kindness.

Big Hug and Lots of Love from Mieke.




February 2013 – Algarve’s beautiful coast

2013 Winter

2012 Winter

Mieke has come back for another winter time in the Algarve. Several months of relaxing time in this area … and now she has gone back to family – sons, grandchildren …

Thank you, Mieke, for the most delicious dinner.

Some of Mieke’s collection

From our guest book:

April 25, 2012

Once again thanks for the great “welcome”. The studio felt even more like ‘home’ then the first time. Although I did not get to see you as much as I would have liked, I had a wonderful time and will miss the family ( including Zorra & Joey) very much. Luckily time flies and I can’t wait to be back again. Lots of luck to you both.

Don’t forget to ‘chill’ once in a while.

Lots of love from Mieke





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2 responses to “Mieke van Mulders

  1. Mieke Van Mulders

    Dear friends,
    Pictures are great! Hope to back next winter!Would you like to keep the studio free for me!!
    Big hug

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