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Gill makes the best ever chili.

Gill makes the best ever chili.

From Our Guest Book:

Dear Isabel and Greg,

Well, our 10th visit has come and gone and as always we leave eagerly looking forward to the next!!  We have once again enjoyed three weeks of relaxation, meeting up with old and some new friends and hoping that we can spend even more time in this beautiful part of Portugal where there is so much to enjoy and of course walk!!!  The weather this May/June has been the best we have ever had (24 days of unbroken sunshine)!!

A special word of thanks to our hosts, our special friends “Greg and Isabel” for the lovely evening they provided us with in Silves to celebrate our 10th visit.  The food and wine, the ambiance of the restaurant and their company was “simply the best”!!

With much love, David and Gill

Gill and David.

Gill and David.

Feb. 2015

Number 9, Number 9, Number 9…to coin a phrase.  Yes, 9th visit and David and Gill seem to discover a new Algarve each time.  They love to find walking trails and they are not afraid to spend a whole day hiking over hill and dell.  They found day trips in the hills nearby Silves and another along the coastal cliffs of Carvoeiro.

We were the lucky ones having tasted some of the most lovely duck ever served on a plate, prepared by Gill, the gourmet cook extraordinaire.

Looking forward to their next visit in May.


Spring 2014

Another very pleasant visit from David and Gill Gilderdale. 8th stay and still counting.  We are very lucky to have people like Gill and David stay with us.  They are the most pleasant of guests; they go out of their way to be nice to our pets, Zorra and Joey; taking Zorra for walks and letting Joey visit their abode every so often.   They have become not only our friends, but friends of our friends.

From Our Guest Book:

Dear Greg & Isabel,

Well, it’s us writing again…it’s now our 8th visit in 3 years and it’s been one of our best and most relaxing & enjoyable!! We now feel like “locals” and an absences only makes “our hearts grow fonder”!!  What more is there to say than “role on our 9th visit!!!”

Keep Smiling,

David and Gill

2014 Feb – March – Boy, were David and Gill glad to get away from stormy England, or more like flooded England.  They didn’t even mind the wet days we had while visiting.  Of course, as Dave says, ?a wet day here feel like a summers day in the UK.’  A wee bit of golf this time around since Greg was laid up with a bad back…they usually like to get in at least a couple of game during the visit.  Plenty of walks, though, and dinning out with new found Algarvian friends.  All in all, they enjoyed the “good” weather and, as usual, the time raced by.  We look forward to May, when they make their 8th visit here.

From our Guest Book:  Dear Isabel and Greg,   This was our 7th visit to “Villa do Vale” since  September 2011 and it has become “home from Home”.  Isabel and Greg make us feel so welcome we feel almost like family   We have spent another hugely enjoyable 3 weeks in t he apartment meeting up with old and new friends.  It was a great shame about your back, Greg, as your company on the golf course is a highlight that David looks forward to.  Hope by May when we return, you’re fully ready to “hit some balls”….!! We look forward to eating and drinking around yet another table real soon 🙂 .

2013 May/June – Back again, this time with plenty of time to enjoy the beautiful warm weather and trips to the west coast.  Gill and David have fit into the Algarvian life style with ease.  We enjoy their company and look forward to the next time we will be together.  We have become good friends.

DSC06502Enjoying the Bar-B-Q area with family and friends

DSC06501David takes to the sun.


DSC06503To the good life.


DSC06506More from our Guests:  Dear Greg and Isabel, Well, what more can we add!?!  We have just enjoyed yet another wonderful 3 weeks in our second home.  Every time we come we discover new things to do and new walks in the magnificent scenery and lovely sunshine!  … Thanks again for your hospitality and for everything that you have done to make the apartment and yourselves such an important part of our lives.  … Lots of love, David and Gill xxx

February 2013

Lovely dinner made by Gill shared with Emma and Gary.

Lovely dinner served by Gill and shared with Emma and Garry.

As you can tell, Gill and David are regulars and it continues to be a pleasure spending time with them; around the dinning table, on the golf course, or simply across the fence for little chats. We truly look forward to their visits.   Emma and Garry joined them for a needed week of relaxation.  This was Emma’s second time around.

Comments:  Dear Isabel and Greg,  We are running out of things to say about your beautiful apartment other than a very big thank you for all the changes that you have made over the past year.  It was always cozy but its even more homey now and it makes it ever more difficult to leave, if even for only 9 weeks. With Love, Gill and David


December 2012

Our most welcome guests, Gill and Dave are addicted to the Algarve and keep coming back at a pace equal to none.  They love the walks along cliffs, beaches and just about anywhere you can find a path.  You never have to ask twice if Dave would like to play a round of golf.  One of his best rounds was on the Penina’s Championship Golf Course.   We look forward to seeing them again in February.

From the Guest Book:  Dear Isabel and Greg,  After spending Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter at your cozy apartment, we feel like part of the furniture!!…As always you make us feel so “at home” and we are going home eagerly anticipating our return in February.   We wish you both and your family a magical Christmas and a Happy and Healthy 2013. Keep Smiling. With love, Gill and David.



September 2012

September is a lovely month and Gill and Dave hit it just right.  Plenty of sunshine with just enough rain to cool things down a little bit.  As usual, walking, golfing and paddle tennis on the beach are what they like to do.  And, of course eat delicious gourmet food as only Gill can prepare.

Guest comments:  Thank you once again for your hospitality, warmth and of course sunshine.  Portugal is such a great tonic and we cannot wait to be back here in 8 weeks.  Until then take care, keep smiling.


May 2012

Back again, Gill and David stayed for three weeks and thoroughly enjoyed the variable spring weather we had; walking the beaches, playing golf, eating the good food (it is well known that Gill is a gourmet cook) and having an all around  excellent  holiday.  This is their third visit to this area and we are looking forward to their next stay in September.

From our guest book…”Thank you both once again for making us feel so at home and welcome in your apartment!  Thank you also for taking us to you excellent concert…and for the enjoyable times spent with you both and your friends!!  We can’t wait to come back in September!!!  Take care and have a fun summer!!  Lots of Love, David and Gill

At the A Rampa for Chicken Pri-Pri

At “A Rampa” for Chicken Pri-Pri

July 2015

Five years and counting for Josie and Brendan.  More golf, more good food and more chilaxing for our two regular visitors from Scotland.  They make special adventure each visit and this year they braved the waves and the big Atlantic to view dolphins up close.  Not something they are likely to do again, feeling a wee bit uneasy being unable to see land for a few hours.  However, the did enjoy seeing the dolphins and watching their playfulness and after-all, said it was worth it.

From Our Guest Book:

Hi Isabel & Greg (Zorra + Joey too!!)

As you already know, we have run out of superlatives for our annual trip to Villa do Vale.

All we can really say is that we have thoroughly enjoyed our break (as usual) and that it has come to an end far too quickly.

Thank you both for your special “little treats”, our now annual lunch trip to Monchique, Brendan’s golf outings, occasional taxi duties and last, but not least, your hospitality and warm friendliness.

Roll on next year. Thanks again for everything.

Josie & Brendan xxx

(from Bonnie Scotland!)


Josie and Brendan’s favorite sun spot. Joey, the cat keeps company

October 2014,

Josie and Brendan made a one week get-a-way trip down to the Algarve…it seemed too short.  Before we knew it, they were headed back home.  At least Brendan and Greg were able to get in a couple of rounds of golf.  Josie read more Stephen King (she must be on her second time around on some of his books).  We truly enjoy their visits.

July 2014

Josie and Brendan must like this place…they keep coming back. The first of their two week stay went by very quickly.  Having fun does that.  We had a very lovely lunch together at the Rampa up the Monchique mountain, and a couple rounds of golf at the Alto course.  Brendan’s game keeps getting better.  He shot a birdie and a few pars


Foia, atop the mountain


At the Rampa

Low Tide at Praia do Vau

2013, Oct.

It seems that Josie and Brendan really like the Algarve and Vila do Vale.  They were celebrating their 15th time in this Praia da Rocha area of the Algarve … and 6th at Villa do Vale! We’re always happy to see them return.  This time it was a quick get-away before the Scottish winter sets in, and the weather was near perfect.  Brendan and Greg played a round of golf in ideal conditions while Josie soaked up the sun by the pool.

Looking forward to seeing them again next year!

From email:

Hi Isabel & Greg, just wanted to let you know that we arrived home safely and to thank you again for your kind hospitality.

We had a lovely time and hope to add this extra week to our future holiday fixtures.

We will have our confirmed dates for next July later on this month and will email you once our flights are booked.

Thank you again for everything.

Josie & Brendan xx

Salt water pool2013, July –

Well, Brendan and Josie came again for the warm weather (is this your 5th time?)… and they got it … HOT (mostly 35ºC  wouldn’t you say?). Just the right temperature to lounge around the pool and go out every evening and not bother to take a cardigan! Another Stephen King book for Josie 😉 a couple rounds of golf for Brendan – quite the up-and-coming golfer !!!

DSC06909From our Guest Book:

Hi Isabel & Greg

Well, another fab holiday at our “2nd Home”! every year just keeps getting better & better.

Special thanks to you both for the lovely meal and the hospitality shown to us. Brendan is going home happy with the knowledge tat his golf is improving. As you know, we love coming to stay and will confirm net year’s dates with you as soon as we know them. Of course, we’ve still got October to look forward to!!! Once again, thanks for everything. From a very happy, relaxed & tanned Scottish couple,

Josie & Brendan


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