2015 October – André, Joke, John and Monique


Oct. 2015.

André and Joke were joined by their friends,  John and Monique for a relaxing week.  They love to play cards and since the weather wasn’t always its usual sunny self, they were very happy with dealing the cards.

In spite of the rain, they visited much of this western side of the Algarve and enjoyed the food at the various restaurants that they visited.

The sun came out most of the days during their visit, so all was not lost.

From Our Guest Book:

23 Oct 2015

Dear Isabel and Greg,

We had a wonderful time at your “Villa do Vale”

What a nice apartment.  Also, thanks for Anne and David, who arranged this stay in Praia da Rocha.

Thank you so much for everything.

Joke T Hart,   André Miltenbury

Capelle a/d Yssel, Holland

Dear Isabel and Greg,

We enjoyed the stay at your lovely apartment.

We have had a wonderful time, the country is so nice, we loved it.

You both are lovely people.

Thank you for everything.

With love,

John and Monique Schenk

Rotterdam, Holland


Rotjeknor – Nick name for Rotterdam

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