2012 Guests

2012 Fall – Pete and Gay

Can’t say how much we enjoyed Pete and Gay’s visit this October.  The old saying “time flies when you’re having fun” applied 10 fold.  Hopefully they will remember more than just a blur of going to some of the hot spots of the Western Algarve.  Having family coming to visit is one of the main reasons we built our apartment.  We love you guys and started missing you before you walked out the door. From Our Guest Book: 

Greg and Isabel, 

What a wonderful time.  The golf was great, the shopping fantastic, the sight-seeing great and the entertainment (concert) most intriguing.  never seen a concert like that.  Great hospitality topped it off.  Your home has always intrigued me, but your latest changes are “lovely, indeed.”  No golf on Sunday saved me from embarrassing myself to be waxed so many times in a row.  What a swing, Greg.  Thanks so much for everything.  You know our humble abode is always open for a visit.  Isabel, you are a bright sport in the world.  Please come and shine on us in Texas. 

Love, Pete

Greg and Isabel, Thank you so much!  I know Pete has been here before but this was my “first”!  I have never been treated like ‘Royalty’ before!  You guys have tapped the “how to do royalty” source.  It is nothing other than delightful! INDEED!  I’m so FAT.  More than ever…(It was worth it!)  Loved the mountain cafe & the yummy chicken, chips and salad.  Enjoyed taking pics of the clouds from there.  So very much enjoyed the castle (I took good PICS, check on facebook.)  Also enjoyed the southwest end of Europe point, WOW.  How deep is that water?  Amazing!  Am fascinated with the little rocks with the strips around them.  Plan on researching those.  Have just never seen anything like that before.   Loved, Loved, Loved Greg’s concert….How Fun!
I just can’t imagine a more fun B.D. anywhere other than in the ALGARVE!  We will be back.  Hurry to see us in Austin, Texas (live music capitol of the world, Austin Claims)… You are so special. Thank you.  I proud to be a Morrelli (Morelli).  Proud to have been here and shared with you…Please come see us in Liberty Hill, TX, Much Love, Gay.


2012 Fall – Dave and Janice

Dave and Janice had sunny days every day and enjoyed their holidays to the fullest.

They walked for exercise and pleasure; went to Alvor, went into town, relaxed under the laurel tree …

From our guest book:    11/10/12

Quite simply – Delightful!

Dave & Janice Morgan


2012 Fall – Trish and Carl Young

Trish and Carl are quite the explorers.  They hired a car and traveled the whole length of the Algarve; from east of Tivera to Capo St. Vicent and its west coast panoramic views.  While on their way to Loulé, they stopped by the little town of Silves and were so charmed they stayed the rest of the day.  Silves is a special place with its old Moorish castle dating from the 7th century.  It was the capital of the Algarve and the center of commerce for hundreds of year.

From Our Guest Book:  Dear Isabel and Greg,  Many thanks for our stay in your lovely studio — lots of attention to detail and comfort, made us want for nothing!  Shame we never had much time to catch up, we’re natural explorer’s I’m afraid…
Your hospitality was wonderful.  What with the glorious weather, toowe’ve had a fabulous week.  With best wishes, Trish and Carl Young of Thirkleby, North Yorkshire. 5/10/12


2012 August – Robert and Eileen

Bob and Eileen are seasoned traveler to the Algarve, but this is their first time to Villa do Vale.  They made the most of the pool.  Relaxing while reading or swimming and soaking up the sunshine, they truly know how to vacation.

Eileen celebrated a birthday while here.  We had a nice BBQ with steaks and a cake.

From the Guest Book: We’ve just spent the quickest 10 days of our lives at your wonderful villa.  It’s true what they say “Time flies when you’re having fun” and you both have seen to that.  Thank you both for you immense hospitality. And especially for Eileen’s birthday B-B-Q.  It was a wonderful evening spent in splendid company.  Not foretting Zorra and Joey.  Hope to see you all again soon


2012 August – Stan and Margaret

We had a “wee little” visit with  Stan and Margaret from Scotland.  They love to play golf and in a weeks time  they managed to get in five rounds (The Alto, Penina, Palmares, Gramacho, and Pinta Courses).  That’s a lot of golf.  Sitting around the pool afterwards was a good time for cooling down and visiting.
From the guest book:  Many thanks for making our visit to the Algarve so enjoyable.  We thoroughly appreciated your hospitality and company, particularly our “wee” chats by the pool in the afternoon.  When we come back to Portugal, we’ll be checking out the availability of Villa do Vale before booking our flights.


2012 August – Elisa and Cristian

Elisa and Cristian were here for a two week stay and during that time they explored most of the very best beaches of this region.  They were very enthusiastic about the west coast and tried a bit of surfing.

From the guest book:  A heartfelt thanks for you hospitality.  You are really a beautiful family and wonderful people.  This holiday in Portimão was one of the most amazing of our life.  The house, the swimming pool, the dinner together, our first experiment with lobster on the BBQ…We hope to see you both again…in Venice if you come to Italy.  We will miss Portimão and the beautiful beaches of the Algarve.


2012 August – Peter and Ruth

Trying to get a break away from the London Crowds, they both got a good rest and sunshine in this corner of the world – it was hot!  They spent quality time in the pool and did we mention…It was HOT!


 2012 July – Amaya and Jesus

Amaya and Jesus visited us from Bilbao, Spain, coming all that way on their motor bike. Besides the regular visits to the beach and local hot spots, they were mostly interested in the famous Faro Moto Festivel.

Information Faro Moto 2012

10´s of thousands of motor bikes met for this four day event, and Jesus and Amaya joined the group.

As can be seen they left our place, on their bike, with wide smiles.  They had a great time.


2012 July – Jim and Barbara Guenther

Our good friends from Ketchikan, Alaska, Jim and Barbara Guenther stopped by after their 33 day, 780 KM pilgrimage on the Santiago de Compostela Camino.  Not sure why Barbara went on the long walk; she already has her place in heaven having put up with Jim for a good number of years.  Now, Jim; that’s another story.  He may just have to walk the trail again; this time backwards, to dig himself out of his dubious way.  Just joking…he’s really a saint with, perhaps a little dirt under the finger nails.  Two of their four children, Danielle and Jacob, were pretty much one step ahead of the old folks the whole way.

It was such a great pleasure seeing them all again; hearing their stories of the trail and just having some good laughs.  A nice surprise was having Danielle’s new friend, Luis, whom she met on the trail, arrive on her birthday.

Here are a few pictures of their time here in the Algarve.  Mostly around the dinner table (that’s usually story time), but also some pictures of our drive out to Sagres and up to the top of the mountain, Fóia (Monchique), where we got some fresh spring water and had chicken piri-piri at our favorite family restaurant.

Jim was enthralled with the century plant in bloom.

And we thought we should include also a photo record of the meeting of the two families (Guenthers and Dibnahs), one from Ketchikan, Alaska, U.S.A., the other from Perth, Scotland,  at Villa do Vale in Portimão, Algarve, Portugal!!!


2012 July – Bethen and Tom

Tom and Bethen enjoyed their week’s stay by driving to various points along the coast and up to the mountains.  They relaxed by the pool and took the time to smell the roses.

From the Guest Book:  Thanks for such a lovely relaxing stay in your gorgeous studioWe have enjoyed both exploring the Algarve (taking your advice on the best places to go) and relaxing in your beautiful garden.  We particularly enjoyed our trip up to Monchique and the springsWe also had a lovely (and windy) walk along the board walk (Alvor) yesterday to finish off our holiday.  Thanks for your hospitality, it’s been fantastic.  Beth and Tom.


2012 June – Annebeth and Willemyn

Beth and Will spent the week in the sun…oops, maybe a little too much…no matter, they enjoyed each and every day to the max!

The Guest Book:  “Thanks again for having us in your oh so lovely studio.  We felt at  home from the minute we arrived and have enjoyed every single second around  the pool, gardens and pretty patios!  … Our batteries are charged again so off we go, to be back again for more relaxing times.”


Buddy showing his best strokes to dad Tim.

2012 June – Tim, Carrie and Buddy

Such a nice couple from Southern England, Tim and Carrie Edwardes with their lovely son, Buddy enjoyed the great weather and cool pool waters for 10 days.

From the Guest Book:  ” Thank you for a lovely stay here in your perfect apartment.  The weather, pool and beach were only topped by your kindness and good company.  Buddy has loved playing with the toys you lent…Looking forward to returning soon.  With best wishes Carrie, Time and Buddy.”


2012 Spring – Tomasz and Dagmara

We had a lovely visit from Tomasz and Dagmara of Poland.  They live near Karków.  Not to be daunted by the weather, they explored the western part of the Algarve by land and sea.  The waves were a mere 2 meters high during their cave cruise, so they’ll get a “rain” check when they come back.


2012 Spring – Hilde

Hilde, of Brussels, joined her friend Mieke for a 10-day holiday at Villa do Vale. It is always nice to meet and make new friends.  Hilde and Mieke toured most of the Algarve, from Tavira to the  Cabo de SãoVicente, before heading back to Brussels, while Mieke went to join sons and grandchildren in France. Happy Spring!

From our guest book:

…Et voilá…je dois quitter ce petit paradis. Je connaissais pas l’Algarve…mais grâce à Mieke…et…vous j’ai passè des moments merveilleux!Des côtes magnifiques, à couper le souffle, des petits villages pictoresques… un logement super…des vacances trés varies…ballades, baignades dans votre piscine, shopping…restaurants, etc…

Merci du fond du coeur pour votre hospitalité! Je vous oublirais jamais, ni Zorra et Joey!    Amitiés!


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