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Vau Beach

Taken in one of our morning walks

We are  happy to offer advice about this area!


To take a look at our general  location and proximity to the coast (if you need the Google Earth program, get it here)  …

for Vau Beach:  37 07′ 13.65″N 8 33′ 31.66″W

our estate: 37 07′ 39.99″N 8 33′ 13.83″W


»»»»»By car«««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««

From Faro Airport (45  min.)Take the main road (N125) to the motorway (via do Infante/A22) which goes East to West across the Algarve region. Look for signs to Lisboa, Lagos, Portimão (going west).

On the main motorway, A22, go west for about 45km to Portimão.   After you pass the town of Lagoa and cross the Arade river, take the next exit to the right to Portimão/Monchique.  At the first big roundabout, follow signs to Portimão and continue about 5 KM, passing through three more roundabouts where you’ll have the hospital to your right.

From Lisbon Airport (4hours) – The airport in Lisbon is about a 3/4 hours drive, or a 4 hour bus or train ride away.

Take the main motorway(s) south toward the Algarve until the junction with motorway leading west (IC4). Proceed as above.

It is recommended to reserve in advance of arrival, especially during the high season.

Ask us about car hire!

»»»»» By train ««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««

The train from Faro takes about 1 hour.

»»»»»By  Shuttles/Transfers (to and fro Faro Airport) «««

Ask us about transfers!

»»»»»By taxi««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««««

From Faro:  phone 00351  289  895790

Average cost of Taxi from Faro airport to Portimão, with luggage: €80.00

Taxi cost from Faro airport to train station or bus terminal in Faro: €10.00

Local Taxis (Portimão):

TAXIARADE: +351 282 460 610,   +351 967 238 506,   +351 968337 068

TAXI SERVICE: (Rui Silva) +351 966 741 446

»»»»»By coaches/buses««««««««««««««««««««««««««««

Bus fare from Faro airport to Faro (train station or bus terminal): €1.65

IMPORTANT NOTE – If you choose to use the train or coach from Faro to Portimão, please try to book your flight to arrive in Faro in the morning, as there are no train or coaches to this area in the late afternoon (check sites above for schedules).


2 responses to “Contact us

  1. Barbara & Wayne

    It is wonderful to see your beautiful home again through these photos and remember the good times we had there visiting with you! We loved our vacation in Portugal and someday we hope to return.

    • Isabel

      Sure hope that your return is sooner than later! Would love to plan for a big reunion with K folks! Do you think we could convince people to do it?

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