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2011 Winter – Lynn W. and daughter Amy

From far away Southeast Alaska, USA!

Adventurous and eager to enjoy every moment of their travelling experience, but at the same time taking their time to really call it a relaxing vacation, Lynn and Amy seemed to take it all in, from the gorgeous views and castles (a plenty) to the shots of espresso (bica), which I’m afraid they became¬†addicted… They seem to have also acquired a fondness for the good 0l’ Portuguese green wine and Alvarinho, which we’re sure will bring good palate memories for years to come ūüėČ

To check also:  Vinho Verde


Pudim Fl√£

Reluctantly, Lynn had to leave behind some of the treasures she found while walking on the beach – we will keep them to remind us of you!

Amy, in Prainha, photo by Lynn Wadley

Mother and Daughter! What fun!

Praia do Vau, photo by Lynn Wadley

Garden detail, photo by Lynn Wadley

Garden detail, photo by Lynn Wadley


2011 Spring – Craig and Erika

Craig and Erika, March 27, 2011

From Toronto, Canada, ¬†we had the pleasure of welcoming Craig and Erika, real explorers and adventurers, who enjoyed the coast and walking, and¬†had never been to Portugal … but now plan to come back! so much to see, so much to explore still!

Praia do Vau, March 2011

Craig and Erika, March 25, 2011

Craig and Erika, March 28, 2011

We introduced them, of course, to the good ol’ Portuguese Vinho Verde and listened to their report on the sights, suggesting more.

Sample of ‘Verdes’

From our guest book:

We came as strangers & left as friends.

Thanks you for your hospitality. We had a wonderful time & couldn’t have asked for better weather.

Craig & I will be taking home many wonderful memories.


Craig & Erika

March 30, 2011


2011 Spring – Bill and Ronni Dunmire

From North Carolina, U.S.A.! via London area, ready for sunny weather, sightseeing and relaxing, Bill and Ronni stayed in our studio and enjoyed our garden and general setting.

From our guest book:

Thank you so very much for the great hospitality! The tours were wonderful and the food outstanding. Also thanks for the good, sunny weather you special ordered.

You live in a beautiful home near spectacular beaches. We will have fond memories of you both and of Zorra and Joey ūüôā



DSC053832011 Spring – Stephen and Brigid

Stephen and Brigid came all the way from Ontario, Canada, full of energy and ready for exploring the area which was not unknown to them, as they had been to the Algarve some 8 years ago. They walked all over town and surroundings, long walks to the beach and back –¬† they even went to Gibraltar, on a bus day trip! We think perhaps they’ll need a vacation after their vacation.

From our guest book:

We very much enjoyed our stay with you. The location was great. Had lunch and breakfast at Costa – good! We also enjoyed Salema – good advice. A very relaxing but also a very busy holiday.

Brigid & Stephen                 May 2011

P.S. Thank you for the juice and treats!


2011 Spring – Lois Munch

Lois Munch 2011

From Ketchikan, Alaska, United States, another guest to enjoy the sunshine of the Algarve region – well, the sun shone for at least part of the month Lois spent exploring the area! An eager learner, an enthusiastic walker and an upbeat company, Lois has left her mark in our neighborhood (she got to know everybody!) and in our hearts!

Lois 2011

From our guest book:

Your invitingly warm, generous and loving emails – including a peek at Zorra and Joey – were the beginning of a special holiday for me. (…) Being immersed in a new culture taught me bus routes (ooh la la ‘laranja’!), supermarket shopping, communicating with non English speakers, where to find garden fresh produce and freshly laid eggs (bless Lurdes’ green thumbs!!), the philosophy of Portim√£o drivers, how to conquer ROUNDABOUTS and, of course, much more (…)

I eagerly look forward to our next visit – at your home or mine, where you are always welcome!Thank you so much!

Much love and huge hugs,

Lois Munch

Ketchikan, Alaska

Check Lois’ great touring business:

Classic Tours in Alaska!

2011 Spring – Sandy Crowell

Wind shimes

From Olympia in the state of Washington, all the way from the West coast of the United States, Sandy arrived with an¬†arm full of books and the wish to relax for a week in a part of the world she’d never been to, welcoming Algarve.

From our guest book:

(…) I am so glad I had this opportunity to see your part of the world – lovely Portugal.

Thank you again – and ‘obrigada’!

Sandy Crowell

Olympia, WA


Prainha during low tide

03/05/2011 (response by email):

How nice to hear from you!¬† I’m just visualizing your lovely home and the pool (…)¬† You know the old line, “You should have been here last week.”¬† Anyway, I did get to experience Portugal and meet some very nice people.¬† I especially enjoyed Sagres (…)

I love the blog and the photo of the wind chimes!¬† No, I don’t know the person who created them except for visits at the Farmers Market in Olympia.
I’d love to come back sometime–and know that if you ever need a place to stay in Western Washington, I’d be delighted to have you come to Olympia.
Best wishes and let’s keep in touch!

Front garden – July 2011


2011 Spring – Jenny Hiljanen

Three days of consecutive rain was a bit discouraging, but then the sun shone warm and bright …. enough for good moments sunbathing on the our sun beds, enjoying the garden in bloom, going to the beach … and leave again when the weather started to get grey!

Prainha-May 2011


2011 Spring – Ali and Lauren

Ali and Lauren came from cold Scotland (10¬ļ!) and spent a week in the sunshine, walking and jogging down to the beach, exploring the surroundings and enjoying the place. “We have had a wonderful time here,” Lauren wrote on a note to us,”thank you so much – this is a fantastic place! If you fancy a trip to Scotland anytime let us know, you’re very welcome.” We just might take up their offer!

From our guest book:

Thank you so much for a wonderful stay – we had a really relaxing time which I much needed after just sitting my finals at UNI! Also turned 22 while I was here so we’ll remember this holiday always.

Lovely place, everything we could’ve wanted + more.¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† Thanks!

Lauren and Ali


DSC067092011 Spring – Robert and Elaine

From office jobs in York, England, to absolute relaxation and really warm weather – that’s what Elaine and Robert experienced during the week at Villa do Vale apartment. They took back a healthy tan (no sun burns!); enjoyed plenty of¬† ‘imperials‘ (very cold beer, served in a small, tall glass), even generously shared a round with me!; and especially, plenty of reading, as can attest the books they left behind for us and other guests to enjoy, another gracious gift – thank you ūüôā

Note written on the back of Elaine’s bookmark:


2011 Summer – Jethro and Felicia

Both from Manchester area,eager for a good restful vacation – and they sure got it! Plenty of sunshine, the beach had the lowest low tides of the year and barely a breeze. They both enjoyed our saltwater pool and Felicia was happy to check the WI-Fi and to realize she got excellent marks on her finals from Uni.

Jethro lives in a alpaca farm outside Manchester Рthat is cool! Check out the site:  vinewood alpacas

Wishing them the best!

Jethro and Felicia under our grape arbor. Notice the old hanging CDs to keep away the birds.


2011 Summer – Freerk, Maru y Elena

From our guest book:

Gracias por enriquecer la vida de Elena y permitirnos compartir la belleza de su hogar (…).

Son unos anfitriones maravillosos que miran lo mejor de las personas y descubren su corazón.

Con carino

Freerk, Maru y Elena


2011 Summer – Allen and Nora

Allen and Nora arrived to stay in our studio after traveling south from Porto, exploring the sights of the Portuguese coast. From Austria, the expanse of the ocean and this beautiful coast had a particular fascination to both. Having been here last year, Allen planned to show this area to his wife’s family (originally from Mexico), and a family reunion happened right here, in Villa do Vale!


2011 Summer – T√Ęnia et S√≥nia

From Paris (7ème arrondissement), to enjoy the Algarve beaches! The information left in the apartment by other guests proved helpful Рthey recommend the excursion to Sagres, via Lagos, by bus with guide.

From our guest book:

Nous avons passé des moments agréables dans votre bel appartement.

Un grand merci pour votre hospitalitée.

Bonne continuation!!

T√Ęnia et S√≥nia¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† juillet 2011

Our garden – July 2011


2011 Summer – Nick and Natalie

Natalie and Nick drove down from Lisbon, arrived here and were jogging down to the beach the very next morning. They enjoyed both beach, pool and BBQ … and then they continued their travels to Seville, taking the direct bus. They experienced a relaxed vacation before going back to ‘real life’ – Natalie will go back to Brixton where she teaches – and that’s where some of the riots have been happening – hope everything is OK. It was a pleasure to have met them.

Hey, Nick, Natalie РI know you enjoyed some recommended restaurants Рwould you mind writing a  little comment on he sites? That would be great for future guests and also for the restaurants to have some feedback. Thanks-

Restaurante ‘A Lota’, in Alvor


2011 Summer – Sergio y Tania

From Barcelona, Sergio and Tania arrived to Villa do Vale for a restful vacation. They explored the area and are planning on coming back as, unfortunately, they had to leave two days earlier due to a family emergency. They were so quiet, we almost did not notice them!


Apartment-entrance 2011 Summer – Valter e Andreia

Vindos do Alentejo, o Valter e a Andreia vieram recarregar as baterias antes de irem de volta para o trabalho, o Valter na Junta de Freguesia e a Andreia como educadora de inf√Ęncia. Praia de manh√£ e piscina √† tarde – que boas f√©rias!

From our guest book:

Adorámos a semana que aqui passámos. A hospitalidade e simpatia da vossa parte contribuiram para que as nossas férias fossem fantásticas.
Iremos sentir muitas saudades, sobreturo da Zorra e do Joe!


Andreia e Valter


2011 Summer – Ian en Katja

From our guest book:

Just like to say thanks for the unexpected coffee and beers, for the grapes and figs, for your good nature and relaxed attitude.

Very enjoyable visit to your home, maybe we worked a bit more than expected, all those hours under the grapevines – we won’t forget.

Thanks for your friendly attention, loved your dog + cat. Hope to see you again soon,


Ian & Katja              Aug. 2011

Check out Ian & Katja’s website designing business: www.doc2web.nl


DSC037232011 Summer – Peter & Sue

From Perth, Australia, in their last leg before returning home (via Barcelona – Paris), we had the pleasure of meeting this adventurous couple – even more so because they were brave enough to leave their 20-yr old daughter at home giving a party in celebration of her birthday!

Wishing them a safe trip home!


Photograph by Mieke van Mulders2011 Fall – Mark and Susan

Susan and Mark, of Yorkshire, enjoyed a two week stay while the weather was balmy with the warm winds coming¬† from the Southeast.¬† Being cat people they didn’t seem to mind Joey, our white and black cat, making a daily routine of visiting them right around 10:00 each morning¬† just to say ‘hi’.


2011 Fall – Denis and Angela

A¬† week by the pool…rain or shine…Denis and Angela made the most of every sunny day they had.¬† Although it was quite warm, the clouds did roll in for a couple of days. They did say that they’d be back.


2011 Fall – John and Susan Robertson

Another visit from John and Susan; it was pleasure seeing them again, although the weather was not quite as beautiful as last year.

From our guest book:

“…another year has passed but we have had another great holiday — weather not so good but did not matter!¬† See you next year, hopefully!”


2011 – Fall – Spencer Round

Spencer comes from Ketchikan, Alaska.¬† He’s on an extended euro-rail trip and stayed with us five days.¬† He enjoyed walks along the beach and cliffs.¬† We had a chance to visit the west coast together.¬† It was a beautiful sunny day.¬†¬† Spencer, it was great having you here.


2011 – Fall – Jim and Val

Jim and Val, from Cork, Ireland, are going to have their 25th wedding anniversary this Fall. They have two twin daughters (one still at home) and one son, 23 yrs-old. Jim is a golfer and enjoyed going to Alto golf. But mostly, they enjoyed their relaxing time around the pool…


September 2011 – David and Gill

We had the pleasure of having David and Gill for a couple of weeks in our apartment; they came from southern UK, Sussex, and enjoyed our garden and patios. Daughter Emma joined them, staying in our studio, and getting a beautiful tan after only one week!

From our guest book:

Thank you so very much for making our stay in Portugal so wonderful. Your home is lovely, and your hospitality made us feel totally at home.

Look forward to seeing you both soon, and of course Zorra & no-toe-Joe! (our rent-a-pets!)

Love & Best Wishes

David, Gill & Emma                                                 September 2011



2011 – July – Brendan and Josie


2011 Summer – Miguel & Elodie

Miguel (23) and Elodie (19) came from France to discover this coastal town and enjoy a relaxing time – and from their departing impressions, loved it. Miguel’s Portuguese is excellent – and he needs to come back to keep practicing and not forget it!


2011 Fall – Nick & Shirley


2011 Winter – Leo and Milja

          Wild iris (there are lots!), seen on the cliffs, March 2011

All the way from cold Kotka, Finland, arrived exhausted Leo and Milja, and spent a restful week here, enjoying the mild weather and quiet surroundings.

For the hot soup you got on arrival, check Corn Chowder .

Also, Gingerbread Muffins

From our guest book:

Thanks you so much for letting us stay in your lovely studio here in Portim√£o. it was a very relaxing week for both of us.

We’re now off to Faro and hopefully the sun will keep shining like it did here!

Many thanks again!

Milja and Leo

mid-January 2011, Almond tree in bloom

Winter 2011 – early blooms


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